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 1. Consider one of the higher education institutions you have

 1. Consider one of the higher education institutions you have attended in the past. From your perspective as a student, did the academic affairs division have a positive, negative, or neutral impact on your experience? In your reflection, consider the degree program, course offerings, faculty and administrative involvement, research opportunities, and anything else that may be related to the academic aspects of your student experience.

2. If you could change one thing about the way this institution approached academic affairs, what would it be? Explain your position.


College Chief Academic Affairs Officers and University – Various Titles, Typical Career Path, Role Of The Chief Academic Officer

The Academic Dean – Typical Characteristics of Academic Deans, Career Path to the Academic Deanship

Department Chairperson – Chairperson Roles, Important Position A Challenging

College Faculty Senates and University

Institutional Research in Higher Education – Tasks Performed

College Teaching – A Short History, The Professional Roles and Responsibilities of College Teachers

Higher Education Curriculum – National Reports On The Undergraduate Curriculum, Traditional And Contemporary Perspectives – INNOVATIONS IN THE UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM

General Education in Higher Education – The Difference between Liberal Education and General Education, The Goals of General Education

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