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            For following questions answer True or False: The      central theme of

            For following questions answer True or False:

  1. The      central theme of Jesus’ preaching/teaching was the kingdom of God,      meaning the reign/rule of God. _______
  2. Jesus      was born in Jerusalem.      _______
  3. The      Synoptic Gospels are Matthew, Mark, and John. _______
  4. Of the      four Gospels, only Matthew and Luke include a genealogy of Jesus. _______

5. The major theme of the Gospel of Mark is Jesus as Teacher. _______

  1. John      the Baptist was the primary prophet who prepared the way for Jesus.      ________
  2. The      biblical terminology for baptism, as believed and practiced by Baptists,      is “believer’s baptism by immersion.” ________
  3. In Matthew      4:1-11 Jesus faced 7 temptations from Satan. ________
  4. The      major theme of the Gospel of Luke is compassion. ________
  5. The      two ordinances Protestants traditionally observe are baptism and Lord’s      Supper. ________
  6. Jesus      spent the large majority of His life until age 30 as a carpenter in Egypt.      ________
  7. The      Pharisees were legalists who wanted to crucify Jesus. ________
  8. The Fruit of the Spirit begin Jesus’      Sermon on the Mount. ________
  9. Jesus’ miracles were actually magic and      illusion to trick followers. ________
  10. In      Jesus’ parable of the Sower and the Seed, God said when the sower sows the      seed all falls on good ground. ________
  11. The      church is not to be equated with the kingdom of God. ________
  12. The      parables of Jesus may be defined as, “a comparison drawn from nature or      daily life, and designed to teach some spiritual truth.” ________
  13. The      Gospel of John was the most unique of the four Gospels. ________
  14. All of      Jesus’ miracles were unique relating differently to each person’s needs. ________
  15. The      Samaritans and Jews got along well. ________
  16. Joseph      and Mary fled to Egypt with the Baby Jesus when Herod sent his soldiers to      kill every Hebrew child under two years old. ________
  17. The      Sermon on the Mount summarizes Jesus’ kingdom ethic on how we should live.      ________
  18. The      primary theme of the parables of Jesus is the kingdom of God. ________
  19. Jesus      never used questions in His teachings because He was all knowing. ________
  20. God      became one of us through the incarnation of His Son Jesus Christ. ________

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