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  The annotation must follow this format, in paragraph form0 .Meaning,


The annotation must follow this format, in paragraph form0 .Meaning, cover each topic a – e, in order, but in paragraph form. No bulleted lists!


a. The reason for choosing this particular article (title was interesting; author is known to you; lots of others used this article in their work; etc.)


b. The purpose of the work


c.A summary of its content – not a copy of the abstract, read the article


d. For what type of audience the work is written – most are NOT written for the “general public”


e. Identify strengths, weaknesses, or biases in the material


In addition, you are required to cite the other four (4) articles you intend to use for the remainder of the assignment.Don’t do the annotation – just the citation.Remember that all citations are to be in APA format. All must be peer reviewed articles in peer reviewed journals or conference proceedings – no editorials, no news articles.

Requirements: 2 to 3 pages


1. Write complete annotation on this article

Follow instructions in First Citation document

2. Cite these remaining four articles no annotation required just cite.

All in APA format

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