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 Silas Craine 

           When a patient enters our facility, they are in good faith believing that the proper standards of care are set in place and being followed, so that their visit will be free of improper or dated procedures and what is expected of a health care professional is being delivered to the patient, and that is what we should expect also. What are standards of care? Standards of care are both formal and informal guidelines that are accepted in the medical community and may be developed by a specialist society or organization and are standards and protocols by which these experts would agree are the “best practices” for the medical community (Torrey, 2020).

            If Covid-19 showed us anything it was that standards of care are not equally applied across the board equally at health care facilities. The African American, Hispanic/Latino, and Native Americans were disproportionally hit the hardest with death rates nearly double of White and Asian Americans (COVID-19: Impact on Underserved Communities, 2021). Why is the number so much higher? One of the greatest challenges is access to care in the inner-city/low-income communities. Not only is there an issue with access, but many times there is an issue with proper equipment, and as Covid-19 shown us, many hospitals were not equipped to deal with the surge in patients. There was a lack of PPE and it especially hit low-income communities the hardest.

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