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  1. Below are some communication events that you might encounter. Indicate if you would use face‐to‐face communication or a specific form of technology for each communicative event. Then in an essay of at least FOUR paragraphs (at least 7 sentences per paragraph) discuss the following: What factors influenced your decisions? How does access to technology influence these decisions? Are there any events that really should occur face‐to‐face? If so, why?

    Tell your parents you had a successful job interview?
    Tell your parent(s) you failed in a class?
    Let your friend know you are upset with him/her?
    Let a romantic partner know you are upset with him/her?
    Ask your friend to do a favor for you (i.e., give you a ride, lend money, etc.)?
    Ask your parent(s) to let you do something you know they will disagree with?
    Break up with a romantic partner?
    Ask your boss for vacation days?
    Tell your boss you quit?
    Tell your co‐worker they did a great job?

“I have attached Chapter 7, to give a background of what to write.”

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