Go to the Student Login (select button). If you don’t have an APA account, please create one and then log into that account. Once you log in, select Experiments from the left-hand options and then select an experiment you would like to participate in. Before the Experiment launches, you will get a popup window; select the right-hand option to just explore the experiment.

After you participate in one, read the information posted about the experiment under the Description tab).

Share with us which one you completed, your experience as a participant and your thoughts as a researcher evaluating the experiment. 

  • What is the purpose? What is the hypothesis?
  • What type of methodology was used? Was this an experiment (please explain)? 
  • What is the validity/ reliability of this type of study?
  • What are the limitations?  Limitations are things that are not perfect about the study. This could be the procedure, the sample, the measures or anything at all that might prevent the study from best testing the hypothesis.


This week we will continue working with your hypothesis and think of how you could test your hypothesis using an experimental research design. Make sure to watch this week’s video lectures before beginning on this discussion.  The lectures are posted to help you understand this material.

The goal of the experimental research strategy is to establish the existence of a cause-and-effect relationship between two variables. To qualify as an experiment, the research study must involve manipulation of an independent variable and must prevent confounding by controlling extraneous or nuisance variables. To rule out the possibility of a coincidental relationship, an experiment, often called a true experiment, must demonstrate that changes in one variable are directly responsible for causing changes in the second variable.

The purpose of this week’s discussion is to demonstrate an understanding of the experimental method.  This is not always the best way – or most realistic way- to test our hypothesis, but for the purpose of this discussion, you should create a way to test your hypothesis using an experimental research strategy. 

How can your hypothesis be tested using an Experimental Method? 

Apply changes to feedback on your background paragraph and hypothesis and begin by posting these. 

Then, present your experimental approach to testing your hypothesis. 

In your response, define independent, dependent, and extraneous variables and identify examples of each in your proposed experiment.  

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