Notes on Readings for Review #4:

The readings in this section are devoted to prominent critical perspectives that focus on the economic factor and the world economic structure, class conflict, and the role of tension between domination/hegemony and resistance, in the shaping of international relations. In addition to the book chapters in Viotti and Kauppi, several articles by leading voices from this perspective, such as R.W. Cox, are part of the readings. There are also some videos. (Those videos in this section that are designated as “Required” must be included in the Review.)

Required Readings:

  • Viotti & Kauppi: Ch. 4/Selected Readings (pp. 189-233); and Ch.7/Selected Readings (only pp. 331-333; and pp. 339-347)  – Textbook 
  • PDFS

Required Videos:

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