We run a nonprofit museum. We have been working for five years toward an expansion to the museum which has long since reached its physical capacity in addition to being non-accessible for the most part. We have raised $1m dollars to date but we need to secure another $400-500k before we can put the shovel in the ground. The expansion is critical to our future success. We also need to build capacity financially and increase staff; and to build sustainability through programming and social enterprise. and, we need a Case for Support. Museums are important but causes are easier to sell. We need to put the shovel in the ground this year so that we do not lose funding that we have accrued thus far. The only source of income is a small gift shop.

This expansion will allow us to increase services and amenities to the community and to our visitors. A larger Museum will allow for increased community programming for more school field trips and provide space for community groups to meet. A larger EJ Hughes gallery, with original Hughes works, will expose more people to this iconic Canadian painter’s art. There will be room to hold our fundraisers and events in-house and to increase our gift shop – all of which will help us with sustainability. We will also be able to provide new employment opportunities. Another important component in the new building will be much-needed public washrooms for the village.

1.) Recommendations for increasing funds at least 4 ways to attract funders to donate, and why should they donate.

2. Recommendations for gift shop

3) recommendations for attracting people, or advertising

4) how to create value for the museum

4) why people should come to visit museums

Give references, and write the recommendations in table form for example three columns

Recommendation, small description, and outcomes. APA format


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