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1. Review the information at the following link: super-columbine-massacre Imagine


1. Review the information at the following link: super-columbine-massacre Imagine such a game. What do you think of this game? Is it insensitive, does it trivialize the actions of killers or would it serve as a prodrome to those who play it, urging them to heed warning signs? How could an online game about the incident be made to be a lesson of understanding? Can a game be fun and educational/informative?

2. Why do political figures frequently lose their positions after scandals, but entertainers and sports figures, even if they go to jail, are often returned to their former positions as stars? If you were a publicist or agent to a celebrity, would you attempt to establish rules with your client, warn him/ her about appropriate and inappropriate behavior, or just bank your salary and let things occur?

Must be at least 300 words supported by two references 

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