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I have attached the project that this relates too. Part

 I have attached the project that this relates too. 

Part 1 


This week you will assign resources to your tasks (Resource Cost List).  Assume that there is no overtime is paid, workers work a 40 hour week from Monday to Friday.  Provide a report showing all of the people who will work on the project, position title, pay rate.  Here is how it would look:

Resource Data Sheet:

Person Name


Pay Rate

Jane Doe

Project Manager (PM)

$55 per hour

John Doe

General Contractor (GC)

$100 per hour

Next, create a resource loading list.  The list should identify the task, the resource assigned, and the percent of time allocated for each task.  Here is how it would look:


Resource Assignments and Percent Assigned


PM – 5%






Then add these resources to your Microsoft Project file and create the project baseline.  You will need to turn in the Resource Cost List, Resource Loading List and the Microsoft Project File.

The deliverable for this part of the project will be a formal letter to your supervisor (your instructor) that explains who the primary resources are working on your project, what the proposed resources allocation is, and an explanation of any issues with the current resource allocation.  Support your information form the MS Project Reports.  In addition, explain any other relevant information such as teamwork issues, outside contractor issues or communication issues that may arise with this project.  You will submit the letter as a MS Word file.

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