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Purpose This discussion will help us identify the different theories



This discussion will help us identify the different theories of the self as it relates to the mind, the body, or the soul.


Consider the readings in this unit and how they describe the concept of the “self” and personal identity. Answer the following questions:

  • What were your initial thoughts about your “self” prior to this class?
  • Does the “self” have to be a thinking thing?
  • Does the “self” change over time?
  • Which philosopher’s concept of personal identity matches your own views?
  • What aspects of your thoughts about the “self” have been challenged by our readings/course materials and how?

Making Connections

In your responses, be sure to make some connection between a philosopher (a specific philosopher from the unit), your views on the self, and the concepts of philosophy we started to address in Unit 1. Why is the concept of the self so important as a philosophical question? Does Socrates tell us in the Apology how asking challenging questions leads us to better knowledge? How does Russell explain in his reading that the self can be expanded through philosophical reflection on what might appear to be just “common sense”?

Expectations and Criteria for Success

Your discussion post should answer each question above in at least two to three sentences. Successful posts will answer each question with specific examples and details from the assigned sources. Once you have completed your initial post, read and respond to the posts of at least two of your peers. reference course materials and contribute new points of discussion. Your discussion posts should provide in-text citations for any paraphrased and/or directly quoted material. 

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