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Respond to the following separate two posts with substantive replies.

 Respond to the following separate two posts with substantive replies. Minimum 100 words for both replies. 

1.  For my research project I would like to perform analysis on the environmental impact of last mile drone delivery vs classical gasoline truck delivery. I hypothesize that last mile delivery performed by drone will be more environmentally friendly than using a fleet of trucks. There has been some research into this already such as the research posed in Advances in Climate Change Research. That particular article however only showed the environmental impacts of the lithium ion batteries common in these drones and mentioned how they did not analyze the environmental impacts of trucks (Koiwanit, 2018). There is some analysis that needs to be performed here based on the top sources of power on a per state basis. For instance a state like Arizona will be more green due to the quantity of nuclear and solar energy while a place like West Virginia still gets over 88% of its energy from coal which makes it far less environmentally friendly (Nuclear Energy Institute, 2021). 

2.  Being a helicopter mechanic in the EMS industry I have done a lot of research on safety and human factors, so I thought it fitting to base my research paper on human factors within helicopter operations. Aircraft crashes have been decreasing slowly over the past couple of decades but compared to the 1950s to 1980s, we have come leaps and bounds to deterring accidents. However, there are still many incidents and accidents that occur yearly, and we have gotten to the point of researching and understanding human factors which begin the process of safety risks and either end in the prevention of hazards or end in the hazard occurring. One of the areas in which human factors occur includes maintenance. The maintenance technicians have an enormous job of taking care of the aircraft and ensuring it is safe for flight. Therefore, my research area is focusing on human factors on helicopter maintenance technicians 

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