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What is the Organizational Structure Electronic Arts? What are the

What is the Organizational Structure Electronic Arts? What are the geographic countries Electronic Arts (EA) locations?

What are the established cross-company virtual communities and what are the advantages of coordinated deciding?  

What communities are supported by a governance structure and interesting technology platform?   

Explaine the problems, inefficiency, and cost to deliver value to stakeholders from IT- enabled investments?

What morals, good practices and nonnative regulations of EA and several functional organization comply COBIT 5 and consists with principles?

 • Board of directors

 • (CEO)?

 • (CFO) ?

• CIO ?


Many governances, risk management and compliance tools are assessed and analyzed from the perspective of using them for organization format?

What are EAs tool that has strong process management capabilities integrated with hazard conduct and enterprise configuration may be a demand?

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