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you are currently working with a team of software developers.


you are currently working with a team of software developers. Ask

them if the users are satisfied with the enterprise travel system. List and investigate the pain points users are experiencing with the system Some common problems to similar systems in many organizations are the integration with the airline’s service providers as it is always provided outdated fares at least by 24 hours, the system being slow especially when you try to access it from a remote location or through a VPN connection. Investigate the issues that are facing the travel system in the company you are interning for and provide them a report list and explaining the issues experienced by its users, provide three (3)

alternate solutions to how you can mitigate those issues and provide a plan of action to execute the plan.

Please make sure you address the following:

● Address what documentations you need such as the Software requirements specification,

conceptual and physical design, the development document, the testing plan, and the

implementation plan.

● Create a schedule of the implementation plan along with costs and resources associated with

software and labor.

● What performance, disaster recovery, security, and privacy requirements have been considered?

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