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Deliverable Length: 500–600 words Continue working on your training manual.

Deliverable Length:   500–600 words

Continue working on your training manual. Complete the following tasks for your project

  • Update the Quality Control Manual document title page with the new date. 
  • Update the previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback. 
  • Add the following section for Week 3: 
    • Week 3: General Quality Strategies and Tools (400–500 words)  
      • Create a comparative table that shows the various definitions, risks, and value of each of the following quality management tactics: 
        • Establishing customer expectations 
        • Designing quality 
        • Defining metrics 
        • Mistake-proofing 
        • Kaizen 
        • Six Sigma
    • If there are other tactics you would prefer to address, feel free to switch out up to two of the above with others you find. 
    • Be sure you are adding at least three new cited references with this submission.

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