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Many students are finalizing their Week 6 assignments, and some


Many students are finalizing their Week 6 assignments, and some students are looking ahead to the Week 10 assignment—yes, it is coming up fast! 

The point of this special activity is to give you a little “breather.”  If you would like to continue working on assignments, no worries. By all means, keep working! If you need to take some time to handle personal issues outside of the class, please do so. If you need a few hours, or a few days, just to “reset,” I hope you will do that, too. In other words, do what you need/want to do this week – just make sure that it is includes a little time for YOU. 

Class, nothing is more important than your health and well-being. Sometimes you have to take a step back and take care of YOU. Please take some time to de-stress and relax.

Here are few suggestions for your “Me Time”: Take a walk, call a friend, check on a neighbor, enjoy the sunshine, read a book for fun, enjoy your favorite beverage, plan a late night bedroom picnic, stream a movie, play your favorite games, do some experimental cooking, let someone else cook for you, grab your favorite “forbidden” food, enjoy some time alone, participate in whatever sporting activity that works for you, linger a little longer over coffee, enjoy a late breakfast, golf a little, listen to some really good music, do a little fishing, have a real date night… get the point.

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