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PLEASE LISTEN: HS 1901 SMART goal instructions.m4a Submit your SMART


PLEASE LISTEN: HS 1901 SMART goal instructions.m4a

Submit your SMART behavior change goal and 3 short term goals leading up to it by typing them in the text box of this Assignment link. Please note Short Term Goal 3 is the same as your overall SMART behavior change goal. 

Just to let you know:

  1. Goals do not have to be geared toward exercise or healthy eating. Feel free to be creative! Intellectual, cultural, social, emotional, spiritual, etc. goals are encouraged also!!  Need ideas? HS 1901.51 Ideas for Behavior Change Goals (1).docx
  2. I DO NOT approve goals for weight loss as the numbers on a scale do not reflect one’s level of overall wellness. Instead, set a physical fitness or nutritional goal. 
  3. Check my comments and reply with any any noted corrections to earn credit. 
  4. Your SMART goal is approved when you receive full credit (10 points). Afterwards, you may complete the Behavior Change Contract.

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