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The J.C. Penny Company This is your first group case.


The J.C. Penny Company

This is your first group case. Each of these case studies is designed to test your knowledge of several topics you have learned over your time as an undergraduate student. Unlike most assignments you receive in college, this assignment will not be limited to only things we have discussed. For example, you may need to apply working knowledge of a supply chain (on a macro level) or NPV. 

Because this is the first case, the biggest emphasis will be on getting you acclimated to creating a case report. In the next sections, I will introduce what you will be required to submit for the first case.

Case Presentation:

Even though this is an online class, for this project, you will create a PowerPoint detailing the background of the case and your proposed solutions. You should consider this PowerPoint to be an overview of what you will provide in the written case report. Each presentation should be as if you were going to present to the board of J.C. Penney. Refer to the case questions.

To give you more guidance for the first case. Your presentation should be structured as follows:

1. Case background

a. Here you should give an overview of the case. Discuss the background of the company. You do not need to be limited to only material discussed in the case.

2. Case Issues

a. Outline the issues you identify in the case. 

3. Potential Solutions

a. Outline the solutions you are presenting the JC Penny. Give full explanations. Any necessary calculations need to be included in the written report.

4. Conclusion

a. A summary of your final recommendations

The written report (2-3 pages, no upper limit) should have (at minimum) the following sections:

1. Case background

2. Potential solutions to the case

3. Conclusion and final recommendations

4. Work Cited

5. Additional question responses

6. Index (Include all of your calculations here, no minimum requirement).

Project Deliverables (Should be submitted by the deadline):

  1. A Powerpoint presentation      presenting the primary issue and background of the case
  2. A written case report detailing      your solution to the case.

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