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Topic 4 DQ 2 One such legislation is Palliative Care

 Topic 4 DQ 2

One such legislation is Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act (PCHETA). PCHETA would establish fellowship programs within new palliative care and hospice education centers to provide short-term, intensive training on palliative care and hospice. The courses would provide supplemental training for medical school faculty as well as other educators in health care fields such as nursing, pharmacy, social work and chaplaincy. I think this is a great step as the level of education of nurses has a direct impact the position of nurses in the job market(Williams et al., 2018). The healthcare industry is in shortage of nurses. However, the competition among nurses is high. The qualified nurses are always in demand and education helps nurses to differentiate themselves (Young et al., 2015). With this regulation, there would be more skilled nurses that can take care of patients. The future advocacy can be done with a continued support from nurses. It is important that nurses should emerge as key stakeholders that can spread the word about the need of skills and education for nurses.

   Research legislation that has occurred within the last 5 years at the state or federal level as a result of nurse advocacy. Describe the legislation and what was accomplished. What additional steps need to be taken to continue advocacy for this issue?

Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years.

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