The federal government role in education throughout the years has been one of finding ways to improve education and way to keep opportunities for any person no matter their skin color, where they grew up, or what their religion. They have created different Acts to make sure things would improve. Horace Mann felt that education should be free and universal. Before this statement was made whites were taught one way and blacks were taught another. His main contribution to education reform was that he overhauled the system and set up schools all over the country to train teachers. John Dewey contribution to education reform was that the principle of learning was through doing. The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 took 31 states and divided them into 36 lots with the center lot for the schools. Morrill land grant college act gave states public land to be sold or used for profit. Land that was not sold to be used for one college. 1890 led to land establishments for blacks. Brown vs board of education decision stripped away constitutional sanctions on segregated by race and made education equal throughout the land. President John ( explain in own words 100 words)

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