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Word Count 700-1000 not including quotations, internal citations, Works Cited.

  • Word Count  700-1000 not including quotations, internal citations, Works Cited.  Show word count immediately under the title of the story.   
  • The goal is quality, focused thinking. Lead with a targeted thesis. Offer support via detail and expert opinion, if available. The topic must directly focus on the literature and/or specific content of this course.  EX: Exploration of the Dirty Wars as reflected in XXX.  EX:  Political Upheaval as shown in XXX    EX:  Betrayal of human rights..
  • Use a minimum of five external sources. Please note:  For every entry you show in the Works Cited section, a parallel (although abbreviated version) entry must appear in the document.  Works Cited means exactly that.  You have cited all items in the list in your story somewhere…possibly more than once.
  • Use MLA.  Access OWL for most current helps.

MLA Formatting and Style Guide

           Please use single spacing.  It is easier to grade.

  • Plagiarism can result in course failure. It will result in referral to Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. Transcripts are noted and punitive measures taken. Sometimes this includes academic suspension. In short: DON’T GO THERE.  Cite and use quotation marks for all direct quotes. .Do not use the ideas or chain of thinking of others without crediting them.  Do NOT resubmit any of your own work. This, too, is plagiarism.

Sample in attachments..  

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