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Now that you’ve finished reading, organize your thoughts by jotting

Now that you’ve finished reading, organize your thoughts by jotting down ideas about what Morrie considered a meaningful existence as well as what you believe gives life meaning. Next, think about someone—either someone you know or someone you know of—who you believe lives life in this way and write down specific examples of how they fit this description.

In effect, you are going to analyze this person’s life. Use concrete details, including anecdotes and quotes, to support your claims and conclusions, and remember that, depending on who the person is, you may need to give some context for their life. If the person you chose is well known, then just give enough context that the reader knows who you are talking about.

Write 400–500 words about that person and how their life is lived meaningfully. Use specific evidence to support your assertions, and tie your claims back to the text. 

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