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Who is your primary customer? What kinds of questions will

  • Who is your primary customer? What kinds of questions will you need to answer to know your customer? Make a list.
  • What is your value proposition to your primary customer? What is your social value proposition? These should be succinct.
  • List all of the parties or stakeholders that you will be creating value for. What value will you be providing to each of them? 
  • Characterize how you envision your brand for your social enterprise idea. What particular words or images do you have in mind that you would use to convey your brand to your target market?
  • Generate a table (reference Table 3.1 in your text) for Segment Attractiveness Factors of each of your target populations. Which target segment will provide you the most traction early on? Do you agree this target segment is the one you should test your idea on? Explain.
  • MAKE SURE IT 2 pages 

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