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This is the first section of your Final Project. Please

 This is the first section of your Final Project. Please write the introduction portion of your final research project, proposing a non-experimental research topic rooted in a law enforcement issue. (See the suggested topics provided in Unit 1 for inspiration.)

This paper should include the following topics:

  • Identify an agency or organization, where you would like to implement a criminal justice/law enforcement initiative with an organization in the private or public sector organization such as a police department, an educational/civic – police partnership, state or federal agency, etc. (it may also be a generic organization such as “a local police department”).
  • Provide a description of this organization (size, demographics, jurisdiction, purpose)
  • The need for this initiative.
  • Define the stakeholders of the initiative, including the target audience.

The topic for this is CIVIL FORFEITURE. Please see the attached syllabus. 

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