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Please read the attachments to complete the assignment. Complete the

Please read the attachments to complete the assignment. 

Complete the following for your Key Assignment draft:

  • All of the Individual Project assignments that you have completed so far in this course will all be components of this assignment, which will be due next week in Unit 5. So far you have discussed corrective action (Unit 1 IP), resolved a management problem with employees showing resistance to change (Unit 2 IP), and developed an organizational chart (Unit 3 IP). For this week’s Unit 4 Individual Project assignment, you will complete the following tasks.
  • Part 1 – Prepare a summary of each of the 3 tasks mentioned above.  See instruction attachment
  • Part 2 – See instruction attachment
  • Part 3 –  See instruction attachment
  • Submit a 3-5 pg not including title pg and reference pg using APA 7 format.

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