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For this activity, complete the following: Using the Evaluation Matrix

For this activity, complete the following: 

Using the Evaluation Matrix Template provided, complete the evaluation of the clinical information system (CIS) for the two vendors listed in the Technology Information Sheet. A portion of the evaluation matrix has been completed, but you will need to add additional items to fully vet the vendors. You will need to come up with at least two additional evaluation factors along the lines of security, usability, functionality, accessibility, etc. to complete this assignment. Review the Evaluation Matrix Example to help you complete your matrix. 

Support your answer with relevant sources. 

You will be graded on the following critical elements: 

 Complete: Did you fill out all of the existing fields for each of the technologies/vendors?

  Additional Evaluation Factors: Did you include at least two additional evaluation factors? You can take inspiration from the completed example. 

 Support: Did you support your answers? For example, if you gave a high score to one of the vendors on a certain element, can you explain why? You may use the Technology Information Sheet as a source. 

Note: It is suggested that you complete this activity before you finish the milestone in this module. However, you do not need to wait for instructor feedback on this assignment to complete the milestone. You can incorporate the feedback from this assignment and the milestone before you submit the final project in Module Nine. 

Guidelines for Submission: Use the Evaluation Matrix Template to complete this assignment. All sources should be cited using APA style.  

*follow rubric verbatim***

Below is the:


matrix template

example of template to go by

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