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Building Comprehension (Links to an external site.) Teaching Reading 3


Building Comprehension (Links to an external site.)

Teaching Reading 3 – 5 Workshop.   Building Comprehension

Watch the video, Building Comprehension, and follow the questions below to help you write your responses. The completed questions and answers will be posted to this discussion. Please copy each question and develop a response showing your depth of knowledge. Then, respond to two peers.

  1. How do the classroom clips illustrate Professor Duke’s definition of comprehension?
  2. Based on Professor Duke’s suggestions, how can you promote active learning through your instruction?
  3. How can you help your struggling readers use comprehension strategies as they read?
  4. How can you build background knowledge before reading?
  5. How and when can you teach vocabulary? How do you choose which words to teach?
  6. What changes might you make?
  7. How can you teach comprehension strategies across the curriculum?
  8. How can you promote meaningful conversations about text among your students?
  9. What strategies can you use to help students when they don’t understand?
  10. What strategies can you teach your students to use when comprehension breaks down?

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