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Attend an event or complete an extracurricular activity that is

Attend an event or complete an extracurricular activity that is related to our class in some way. Then submit a 200-300 word reflection paper which uses course concepts to explain what you learned. Reflection papers are worth up to 2 points each. These must be submitted before finals week (December 5).

Note that the maximum extra credit any student can earn toward their final grade is 8 points. However, students may attempt to complete extra credit for as many points as they like. There is no limit to the number of reflection papers you can write and submit. 

Below are the criteria for receiving full credit for reflection paper. 

  • Use course concepts and terminology. A description of a conflict is not enough. 
  • Check for grammar and spelling
  • Keep within the 200-300 word limit
  • Demonstrate to me that you have learned something from the activity/event

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