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For your final project, you will be writing a paper

For your final project, you will be writing a paper about the training you would present (3-4 pages).

Training programs are usually conducted after a needs analysis (i.e., a process that involves identifying what skill or concept needs to be trained on) is performed in an organization. You will first create a hypothetical situation under which the training will be needed. You can feel free to draw from your own experiences as well as examples from the media (e.g., news, television, movies, podcasts, etc.) in order to create the situation. You can even draw on your Diversity in the News assignments.

Next, you will create an actual training that you will either present or write about.

• The focus of the training can be as broad or specific as you would like. For example, you can focus on topics like discrimination, teamwork in diverse groups, or diversity consciousness/awareness broadly, or focus on addressing issues within a specific social identity group (e.g., gender, race, sexual orientation, age, etc.). However, the training you create should only cover a narrow part of the topic, given the time/space limits.

For instance, if the focus of your training is teamwork in diverse groups, after a very brief introduction to the broader topic, you could make the training about 1-2 specific conflict management strategies or 1-2 communication strategies. If the focus of your training is sexual orientation in the workplace, after a very brief introduction on this topic, you could make the training about how an organization can implement 1-2 inclusive policies, 1-2 ways coworkers can be more inclusive towards people who aren’t heterosexual, or 1-2 ways managers can address microaggressions towards people who aren’t heterosexual. (These are just examples to illustrate how narrow in scope your training should be, you could present on other things.)

• The targets of your training are employees in the organization your hypothetical scenario is about.

• There are various methods of training (e.g., lecture, modeling, role-playing, simulations, etc.) and training can include interactive elements.

You can design and write about a method that would take a little longer to implement in class (e.g., role-playing, simulation, exercises) since you don’t have to stick to a 5-minute time limit. Given the page limit, I would just include one method to teach all the training content (e.g., 1-2 communication strategies).

• You will need to conduct research to obtain the content of your training. You should plan to use at least 3 scholarly sources. You may utilize other sources in putting together the training (e.g., websites, magazines, etc.), but these sources do not count towards the reference requirement.

The training paper should be 3-4 pages (double spaced with 1 inch margins). You should use APA-style citations and references (references do not count towards the length requirement). In the paper, you will summarize the training, discuss the research and theories you used to develop the training, and describe how the training addresses the organizational problem.

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