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Introduction: Modifying toys and the environment for young children offers


Modifying toys and the environment for young children offers many different benefits.  Teachers modify toys and materials for a variety of reasons.  Some reasons include safety, visual appeal, or creating new and exciting learning experiences for young children.  Teachers who work with children with disabilities may be required to modify a toy or other material so a child can simply play with it.  This activity allows you to read a particular profile of a child, and then based on information in that profile, you will plan modifications, identify strengths and investigate the needs of the child. While you are doing this activity, you are practicing critical thinking skills, connecting your teaching and learning, and growing as a professional. 

Description of Specific Assignment Requirements

Explore CONNECT Module 5: Assistive Technology

Include a screenshot or certificate of completion of the module.

Students will be given 3 different child profiles and select one to complete. The student will read the profile and answer the questions listed below for one scenario. The student should research via professional journals, books, textbooks, and web pages for different recommendations and information to assist you in answering the questions listed below.  After you have answered the questions, you will provide a list of all the references you used in APA format (should use a minimum of 2 resources total).  All work will need to be typed.  Make sure to submit the correct report with the correct name.  For example, make sure to submit Omar to the Omar Assignment. 

Specifically, the student will:

1. Submit 5 specific things learned from exploring the module. Next, Read each of the child profiles. Select one.

Name of Child Selected: ______________________________

2.      What are the potential strengths of this child?

3.      What are some potential areas of need for this child?

4.      What additional information do you believe you need to help you assess and make a better decision about this child? Are there specific questions?

5.      Develop one goal (measurable, objective, and attainable- SMART) for this child based on your identified strengths and needs.

What is a SMART goal? 

The child will…






6. What three possible modifications or interventions could you use to assist this child in the classroom? One should relate directly to the goal you have developed; the other two can be related to the same goal or be based on other identified strengths and needs.



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