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Term 3 Unit 6 Discussions *Unit Discussion – Digital Marketing


Term 3 Unit 6 Discussions

*Unit Discussion – Digital Marketing (MKT500 Marketing Management)

Watch the video in the LEARN section of this week’s discussion. Social Media Marketing Foundations: Invest in a Smart Mix of Channels. Social media strategies can be a vital part of a marketer’s promotional plan. This week you will write a 500-word blog for the hypothetical business that you created for this course. The content will build on the message, only with more detail to engage your target audience.

  • First,      to increase the “searchability” of your business, you will need to      incorporate keywords into your blog. A keyword is a word(s) that your      consumer will use to search for a business. Choose 5 specific keywords      that are relevant to your business. More specific and targeted keywords      will help your consumer find you faster and more efficiently. Tell us what      these 5 keywords are.
  • Second,      choose a topic that is relevant to your target audience that is engaging      but NOT SELLING. What do they need to know? What do they want to know? How      can your blog provide value to your target customer?
  • Third,      start writing. Incorporate all 5 of your keywords in your blog.      Incorporate other quality information in your blog, remember to give      credit to the original author, and include a link in your blog. Show your thought      leadership here to tell your customers something they may not already      know. Remember that you are not selling. You are having a conversation      that should be interesting enough to encourage your target customer to      learn more about your hypothetical business.

*Unit 6 Discussion – Star Employee (ACC315 Fraud Prevention and Examination)

Read the article: UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR BY A STAR EMPLOYEE   Document Attached

Requirement: In your discussion comment on the following:

· Is Mark’s behavior unethical or fraudulent?

· Should Mark be terminated?

· Should Leslie be terminated?

· What is your opinion in regard to how Robbie handled this situation?

*Unit 6 DB: Food is Medicine (BIO150 Nutrition)

Read the article “The most damaging food lie we have ever been told” in this week’s Readings and Resources and answer the following:

The Most Damaging Food Lie We Have Ever Been Told

  • What food      plan have you decided to follow (if any)? How will you decide which foods      to include in your meals?
  • Share your      thoughts on counting calories. Do you think this is a valid way to eat?
  • Write a brief      description of any one “diet” (paleo, for example). Will this      diet provide the body with all the micro and macronutrients that it needs?

*Unit 6 DB: Ratios (ACC305 Analysis of Financial Statements)

This week we learned about several different ratios company’s can use for analysis. Share with the class which one is your favorite / most valuable and why?

Which one do you think is the least valuable and why?

*Unit 6 DB: Ethics Case Ethics Case 14–12 Debt for equity swaps; have your cake and eat it too (ACC340 Intermediate Accounting II)

● LO14–5

The cloudy afternoon mirrored the mood of the conference of division managers. Claude Meyer, assistant to the controller for Hunt Manufacturing, wore one of the gloomy faces that were just emerging from the conference room. “Wow, I knew it was bad, but not that bad,” Claude thought. “I don’t look forward to sharing those numbers with shareholders.”

The numbers he discussed with himself were fourth-quarter losses, which more than offset the profits of the first three quarters. Everyone had known for some time that poor sales forecasts and production delays had wreaked havoc on the bottom line, but most were caught off guard by the severity of the damage.

Later that night, he sat alone in his office, scanning and rescanning the preliminary financial statements on his computer monitor. Suddenly Claude’s mood brightened. “This may work,” he said aloud, though no one could hear. Fifteen minutes later, he congratulated himself, “Yes!”

The next day Claude eagerly explained his plan to Lisa Ahn, controller of Hunt for the last six years. The plan involved $300 million in convertible bonds issued three years earlier.

Meyer: By swapping stock for the bonds, we can eliminate a substantial liability from the balance sheet, wipe out most of our interest expense, and reduce our loss. In fact, the book value of the bonds is significantly more than the market value of the stock we’d issue. I think we can produce a profit.

Ahn: But Claude, our bondholders are not inclined to convert the bonds.

Meyer: Right. But, the bonds are callable. As of this year, we can call the bonds at a call premium of 1%. Given the choice of accepting that redemption price or converting to stock, they’ll all convert. We won’t have to pay a cent. And, since no cash will be paid, we won’t pay taxes either.


Do you perceive an ethical dilemma? What would be the impact of following up on Claude’s plan? Who would benefit? Who would be injured?

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