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Access your TEXAS licensing board website and review the requirements

Access your TEXAS licensing board website and review the requirements for applying for licensure. If you reside or will be practicing in California, refer to California state law. 

Review the ethical complaints, sometimes referred to as adverse actions or disciplinary actions.

Choose 3 ethical complaints you might face in your future role as a counselor to use as examples for this assignment.

Create a 6 to 10 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation analyzing the complaints according to the ACA Code of Ethics and state practice law. Include speaker notes. For your presentation you should:

  • Describe the relationship between licensure laws and the enforcement of ethical codes.
  • Explain why the 3 chosen ethical complaints are violations of the ACA Code of Ethics.
  • Identify a minimum of 2 differences between the ACA Code of Ethics and state practice law, as they apply to your ethical complaints.

Include a minimum of 3 references.

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