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3-4 pages Choose and research a widely adopted HIT device

 3-4 pages

Choose and research a widely adopted HIT device or system designed to improve the quality of patient care while conferring cost efficiencies or savings within a clinical setting. Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Electronic medical records (EMRs). 
  • Imaging systems. 
  • Emergency room technology.
  • Robotic surgery.
  • Telemedicine.

Note: Choose a generic solution type, not a specific one made by a particular manufacturer.


Conduct a rigorous evaluation of the HIT solution that you have selected in which you: 

  • • Briefly describe the solution and summarize why it has been widely adopted.
  • Evaluate a significant improvement to patient care that this HIT claims to confer that considers the most prominent arguments for its adoption. Provide a specific example to illustrate.
  • Compare the cost savings or efficiencies of deploying the solution versus a commonly used alternative(s) that would effectively inform a decision to adopt it or not. 
    • The reason multiple alternatives might need to be considered is because some alternatives may require more than one system or “solution” to achieve the similar results of the system that you have identified.
  • Describe the resources that are required to implement, maintain, and run your chosen HIT in sufficient detail to inform a decision to adopt it.
  • Describe the common barriers to adopting this technology. Select one and share a way(s) that providers have effectively overcome that barrier.


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