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Using chemical and physical restraint on Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) wards as a form of managing violence and aggression.

 Research Question: Is chemical and physical restraint most effective in de-escalation of violence and aggression on PICU wards? Give a rational of why this topic is an important aspect of mental health nursing. Consider how you would implement the approach in practice and to all stakeholders using a model of research ( the OTTAWA model). What are some of the challenges that one may possibly encounter while implementing the approach? How can these challenges be overcome? Identifying 5 pieces of top quality research with literature to support the research question. (Use the evidence pyramid attached in the uploaded files). for example; RCT research, systematic analysis, meta-analysis papers to rate the research papers. Critiquing the literature Synthesizing the literature Develop recommendations for practice consider how you would implement the approach in practice and with all the stakeholders. On top of the 5 pieces of research gathered, please use other most recent/current references. (minimum of 30 references) Briefly talk about other models of research but mainly use the OTTAWA model for implementing this form of practice. Let the essay meet the learning outcomes listed below: Knowledge and Understanding  Examine the evidence underpinning a topic of relevance to service user experience in own area of practice;  Explain the limitations of evidence available and draw conclusions about best evidence for practice; Intellectual Skills  Analyse factors that influence the implementation of best evidence in practice, using an evidence-based practice model  Appreciate how best evidence can be communicated to service users and colleagues Practical Skills  Reflect on how implementing best evidence in practice affects service user experiences.

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