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SCM Coursework assignment: Critically evaluate the impact of this innovation by a leading global car manufacturer, for Uber.

B) FT Article on launch of MOIA in Hamburg, Germany.

                MOIA, Volkswagen’s answer to Uber and Lyft, launched operations in Hamburg on Wednesday (9th January) and said it eventually wants to offer its pooling services in 50 cities across Europe and the US. Progress has been slow for VW’s ride-sharing arm since it said two years ago that the unit would generate a substantial share of its sales revenue by 2025, with services until on Wednesday only offered in Hanover. The MOIA operations launched on Wednesday in Hamburg are only in a pilot phase for select users. In April, a fleet of 100 vehicles is set to launch across Hamburg, ramping up to 500 vehicles within 12 months. “It’s our ambition to go into global scale, but we don’t want to scale our mistakes,” said Ole Harms, chief executive. “It’s still early days, there is still so much to learn. We want to make the business model robust before we go upscaling. That’s a guiding principle for us.”


Critically evaluate the impact of this innovation by a leading global car manufacturer, for Uber.

Finish with consideration that may be given to implementation of a potential strategy change within Uber with the use of McKinsey 7-S Framework, that clearly indicates a potential consideration for each ‘S’ factor. (750 words)


Fulfilling DMD requirements for coursework

Discuss and appreciate importance of cost planning for competitive advantage

Critically examine a range of strategic cost accounting tools



Word – Count


Word count must not exceed 1500 words (not including references or appendices). In-text citations are included within and contribute towards your word count. A penalty mark deduction will be applied if word count is exceeded.

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