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Exploring and Using Evidence Winter Assignment #2: Researching a Film Prior to 1959 using primary and secondary forms of evidence.

What is required:


Choose any film made between 1929 and 1959. It can be a film from this course, another course, or one that interests you.


Select an approach to the selected film that you can investigate. For instance, you might choose to think about technology, a star, a genre, or you might think about how the film was reviewed by critics, how it was censored or regulated, or how it was made and by whom.

Find at least three different pieces of evidence from three different sources pertaining to this film and your chosen approach to it. You must have at least one example of “primary evidence” and one example of “secondary evidence”. You should be sure that the kind of evidence that you are gathering relates to the one aspect of the film you are looking at.

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