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To begin, select one (1) of the following healthcare systems that you would like to explore for this unit:     Acute care

Next, select an environment/location:          Los Angeles, California

Finally, select three (3) marketing tools: Television, Social Media, and Billboard


·        Provide a general overview of your select healthcare system.

·        Discuss the demographics of your select location.

·        Discuss the advantages of using each marketing tool at your healthcare system and location.

·        Discuss the disadvantages of using each marketing tool at your healthcare system and location.

·        Summarize which marketing tool you would recommend that would yield the highest marketing potential of your select healthcare system and location.

·        Be sure to support your assertions with evidence-based research, scholarly articles, and well-supported strategies that support your predictions.

o   3-4 page paper excluding front and back matter (APA standards apply ).

o   Internal organizational memorandum.

o   Infographic

o   PowerPoint presentation for a Board of Directors (10-12 slides; speaker notes as needed to support assertions).

o   7-10 minute public service announcement (using a free online voice recorder such as

o   Video newscast (using a free online video recorder such as (e.g., entertainment talk show, television commentary, interview-style, news reporting, etc.).

The use of first person is permitted for this assignment. APA formatting (e.g., title page, conclusion, reference page, etc.) should not be used. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Although the use of APA formatting is not required for this assignment, proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation are expected. 


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As a medical professor, I have been tasked with creating assignments and answers for medical college students. In this assignment, I have been asked to select a healthcare system and explore it in the context of an environment/location of my choice. I have selected acute care as my healthcare system and Los Angeles, California, as my environment/location. I will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using three marketing tools – television, social media, and billboard – in promoting acute care in Los Angeles.

Overview of Acute Care:

Acute care refers to specialized medical treatment provided to patients with severe, life-threatening illnesses or injuries. This type of care can be provided in hospitals or other healthcare facilities that have the necessary equipment and resources to handle complex medical cases. Acute care is typically characterized by quick and aggressive medical interventions, aimed at stabilizing patients’ conditions and preventing further deterioration.

Demographics of Los Angeles:

Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second-largest city in the United States. The city has a total population of over four million people, with a diverse mix of ethnicities and cultures. The population of Los Angeles is relatively young, with a median age of 35.5 years. The city is also known for its high levels of income inequality, with a significant percentage of residents living in poverty.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Marketing Tools:


Advantages: Television advertising is an effective way to reach a broad audience. Television commercials can be targeted to specific demographics, such as age, gender, or income level. Television advertising can also be used to create emotional connections with viewers, making it an effective tool for promoting healthcare services.

Disadvantages: Television advertising can be expensive, especially for high-frequency placements during prime time. Television advertising is also subject to DVR piracy and the use of streaming services that allow viewers to skip commercials.

Social Media:

Advantages: Social media is a low-cost way to reach a large, targeted audience. Social media can also be used to engage patients and build relationships with them. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter also allow for real-time feedback from patients and can be used to share educational content.

Disadvantages: Social media can be time-consuming and require a significant investment of resources to create and maintain engaging content. Social media platforms are also subject to privacy concerns and can be difficult to navigate for older patients.


Advantages: Billboards are a low-cost way to reach a broad, geographically defined audience. Billboards can be placed in high-traffic areas and are visible 24/7. Billboards can also be targeted to specific demographics using location data.

Disadvantages: Billboards may not be effective for promoting complex healthcare services or reaching patients who require specialized medical care. Billboards are also subject to zoning and safety regulations and may be limited in certain areas.

Recommended Marketing Tool:

Of the three marketing tools discussed, I would recommend using social media as the primary tool for promoting acute care in Los Angeles. Social media is a low-cost way to engage patients and build relationships with them. It allows for real-time feedback and can be used to share educational content. Additionally, social media is a highly targeted platform that can be tailored to specific demographics, making it an effective way to reach the diverse mix of ethnicities and cultures in Los Angeles.


In conclusion, promoting healthcare services requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. By selecting the right healthcare system and location and using the appropriate marketing tools, healthcare providers can effectively reach their target audience and build lasting relationships with patients. In the case of acute care in Los Angeles, social media is the recommended marketing tool due to its low-cost, high-engagement nature and ability to target specific demographics.

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