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Responding to Negative Messages video

The consumer reviews on Yelp ( (Links to an external site.) can be a promotional boon to any local business—provided the reviews are positive, of course. Negative reviews, fair or not, can affect a company’s reputation and drive away potential customers. Fortunately for business owners, sites like Yelp give them the means to respond to reviews, whether they want to apologize for poor service, offer some form of compensation, or correct misinformation in a review. Your task: search Yelp for a negative review (one or two stars) on business in your local area. Find a review that has some substance to it, not just a simple, angry rant. Now imagine that you are the owner of that business, and create a video response that could be posted via the “Add Owner Comment” feature. Use the information that you can find on Yelp about the company or that are from your own experiences at that business. You may also fill in any details by using your imagination. Remember that your video will be visible to everyone who visits Yelp.

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