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Six Sigma and Supply Chain Management

complete and essay in APA format with the topic below. • Title the thread according to the topic: (Six Sigma and Supply Chain Management) • In at least 550 words, discuss your topic by addressing the following items: o Explain the concept of the supply chain management topic selected. Your textbook is a good source for this item. o You must reference at least 2 scholarly resources, 1 of which must be your textbook. You can access numerous periodicals, Supply Chain Management journals (peer-reviewed), newspapers, and magazines (Fortune, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, etc) o Examine at least 1 practical application example for the concept. o Finally, you must formulate a question about this topic to which others will respond. Textbook: Young (2017). Supply chain management (Custom ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Create. ISBN: 9781309072783.

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